Kativa Keratin Alisado Brazilian Straightening

KATIVA KERATIN BRAZILIAN SMOOTHING XPRESS WITHOUT FORMOL BRAZILIAN HAIR STRAIGHTENINGKativa presents this new kit 50% faster, easy to apply and with results of up to 10 weeks.Straight hair up to 10 weeksProfessional resultEasy Application, 50% faster than others!Soft, docile and manageable hair, eliminating frizz!Hydrates and nourishes your hair, 100% Formol...


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Kativa presents this new kit 50% faster, easy to apply and with results of up to 10 weeks.

Straight hair up to 10 weeks

Professional result

Easy Application, 50% faster than others!

Soft, docile and manageable hair, eliminating frizz!

Hydrates and nourishes your hair, 100% Formol Free!

Kativa's revolutionary Keratin Brazilian Straightening Express is an ideal product to control curly, wavy or frizzy hair that, according to Kativa, is one of the main concerns of women and increases when summer arrives.

Many try to master undisciplined hair and straighten it using heat tools on a daily basis damaging the hair, or spend much of their time combing and drying it.

For this reason, Kativa, a brand specialized in hair care, has wanted to solve hair problems with this innovative and practical Brazilian express straightening kit. With it, natural straight hair is achieved in an easy and practical way, also providing shine and hydration.

The Kativa Keratin Brazilian Smoothing Express treatment contains three products:

    A shampoo that deeply cleanses and prepares the hair strand for the application of Brazilian Straightening.
    An intense protection moisturizing balm for hair with straightening treatment.
    A treatment mask, a smoothing cream for all types of hair. Thanks to its formalin-free formula, it eliminates damage and health risks.

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