Winter: what to eat to prepare our defenses

Oct 25 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Winter: what to eat to prepare our defenses

Maintaining feeding schedules, modifying the temperature of meals and preferring preparations with a high nutritional level are some of the recommendations given by Yanina Hernández, a nutritionist at Clínica Bupa Santiago, to improve our immune system during this time of year.
What foods to prefer

● Legumes: they are ideal at this time because they can be eaten hot and are one of the most nutritious foods that exist. They have a great contribution of proteins, fiber and vitamins such as B6, vitamin A and C. They also provide minerals such as potassium, iron and zinc.
● Artichokes: promote digestion and have phytosterols that help control blood cholesterol and flavonoids, which protect against heart disease.
● Fruits: in this season there is the red apple (rich in vitamin E and antioxidants), the orange (noted for its high liquid content, its high percentage of vitamin C, minerals, potassium, magnesium and folic acid) and the kiwi ( 80% water, has antioxidant properties, and has vitamin C, characteristics that strengthen the immune system).
● Probiotics: they exist under natural conditions, such as in milk, yogurt, cheeses, soybeans, cereals and others, their concentration is low and a relevant clinical effect cannot be achieved. For this reason, pharmacological preparations (in the form of capsules, for example) and food preparations (probiotic milk drinks) have been developed.
● Cocoa: it has its benefits at this time of year; The higher the percentage of cocoa the chocolate has, the better quality it will be, due to its antioxidant properties.
Better put aside

During the winter, many people believe that they need to eat more calories to fight the cold, but that is not the case. It is important to minimize the consumption of fried foods in preparations such as sopaipillas, broken calzones or French fries, as well as saturated fats from meats and sausages. Also, reduce the consumption of sugary and carbonated drinks, and avoid the excess of salt that is found in processed and canned foods, such as soups in sachets, sweet and salty snacks.

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