Why does our hair fall out when the cold comes?

Dec 04 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

Why does our hair fall out when the cold comes?

Why does our hair fall out when the cold comes?

The seasonal decline happens to all of us to a greater or lesser extent. Sometimes it is still normal, we shed our hair like trees shed their leaves. Climate changes affect our hair; in summer the heat dries it out and changes its color, in winter the humidity and lack of sun can make it dull, without volume and shine, making it fall off more easily

Humidity, wind or constant changes in temperature (from the cold outside to the heating and vice versa) alter the good condition of the hair. With the cold, for example, there is less dilation of the blood vessels of the scalp, which are those that transmit to the rest of the hair the nutrients it needs to look in good condition and ensure that the new hair that is "gestating "in the hair bulb they grow strong and full of vitality. Due to this lower contribution to the blood vessels, the pores of the scalp are closed, which encourages the hair to dry out and increases the risk of redness and flaking in this area.

As for the wind, in addition to ruining any hair styling and promoting the appearance of knots and tangles, it acts as a permanent hair dryer, opening the cuticle and drying the hair excessively, since it carries microscopic powders that make it dirty. and "electrify".

Heating, on the other hand, is one of the factors that most adversely affects the hair structure, making it more porous and rough to the touch and "stealing" its shine. The continuous passage from the cold outside to the environments warmed by heating directly affects the humidity of the hair and is one of the main responsible for the greater hair dryness that most of the manes experience at this time of year.

To avoid this, at Parapharmacy Get It Now we compile these simple tips that will help keep your hair healthy:

- Avoid wearing your hair down on rainy or windy days; these factors weaken it, instantly dulling it.
- Do not go out to work with wet or damp hair. If it is very cold, the hair can freeze and this will cause a lot of damage.
- Wear a hat or scarf to protect hair from severe weather, but it should not be worn too tight.
- Never wash your hair with hot water
- Do not abuse the iron or the dryer

Put this into practice and you will notice immediately how your hair maintains its health during the season, do not forget to visit our section -Hair- where you will find a wide range of products that you can use to increase and improve the health of your hair, even help your hair. increase. If you want personalized advice, do not hesitate to use our instant messaging channels, we will be happy to help you

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