What sunscreen should I use according to my skin type?

Aug 19 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

What sunscreen should I use according to my skin type?

Oily skin sunscreen
Oily skin is characterized by an excess of sebum, by an overproduction of lipids by the sebaceous glands, and this generates shine, pimples and a feeling of sticky skin.
As we have seen, especially on the face (which is where there is a greater propensity for fattening the skin), your goal should be to control all that excess.
The best sunscreen you can use will always be a physical filter, but if you're looking for texture, gel textures will be better for you.

Combination skin sunscreen
Mixed skin, misunderstood, because it has a tendency to oily and dry on the same skin, so it speaks all languages ​​and none at the same time ...
For this type of skin, the texture that best suits is the emulsion, or light sun milk.

Dry skin sunscreen
Needing nutrition, he is crying out for it, screams that involve scales, dry touch and rough skin ...
For this type of skin, sun creams or sun protection oils are ideal, because they will provide that lack of nutrition that this type of skin shows.

Mature skin sunscreen
Generally somewhat drier, mature skin gets along very well with cream textures that are somewhat more unctuous.
Of course, if this is your skin type, note that in the formulation of the sun cream there are antioxidants (such as vitamin C for example) that will help protect you from oxidative damage, and compounds such as collagen that will help as an anti-aging principle.
The key is to protect yourself and treat yourself at the same time.

Sensitive and allergic skin sunscreen
A physical filter should be your choice, they act as an organic sunscreen, helping the components not be absorbed by the skin and therefore minimize the possibility of outbreaks or allergies.
Of course, if you know well the origin of your allergy, always look at the inci of the product to make sure that the ingredient that causes it is not present.

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