What is the Serum and what is its Importance?

Dec 14 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

What is the Serum and what is its Importance?

What is the Serum and what is its Importance?

You don't stop hearing about it and they don't stop recommending it. Every day you hear that it is the best for facial care, but do you really know what a serum is exactly?

A serum is a cosmetic product that usually has a high concentration of active ingredients in its formula, even higher than that of the creams of the same line. It is also characterized by a much lighter texture, which is why it penetrates the skin very easily, intensely hydrating it. Among its main benefits are:

• Fill in wrinkles. Thanks to its high content of hyaluronic acid, it allows to show a smoother skin. With daily use, wrinkles are reduced by up to 47% in just 6 weeks *.

• Firms the skin. As we get older, we start to worry about the loss of volume in the face. Well, this facial care helps redensify the skin to stop the dreaded sagging.

• Provides hydration and elasticity. With this treatment you will notice how your skin tissue improves and gains elasticity.
Its super light texture greatly facilitates its absorption; Therefore, with a small amount of this product, it will be enough to cover your face completely.

It is necessary to use these products always before your creams (both day and night) and on clean skin, because you want their active ingredients to come into direct contact and that there is no prior barrier that hinders their absorption. Using these should be the first step in your facial care routine, but not the last!

Including it permanently and as an essential in easy care guarantees a fresh, always hydrated skin that retains its elasticity. You already know what the serum is and the benefits it can bring to your skin, so what are you waiting to try it? From Parapharmacy Get It Now we are here to help you, visit our section -Democosmetics- and you will find a wide range of these products, if you want additional help, do not hesitate to contact us through our instant messaging channels and we will be happy to help you

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