What exercise should I do according to my age?

Nov 17 , 2020


Elias Sultan

What exercise should I do according to my age?

What exercise should I do according to my age?

It is always advisable to maintain an active life, exercising regularly to stay healthy and fit. But it is also true that our body changes depending on the stage in which we are, and that we must adapt to it to obtain the best possible performance from it.

The objective of doing physical activity should always be the search and maintenance of our health. Therefore, it is very important to adapt our physical activity to our particularities, including age. At 20. It is the decade in which we have the most strength, so we can take advantage of it to start doing any type of physical activity, whether cardio or strength, your body can handle it.

Choose the one you like the most to create a habit, in this way, you will gain resistance so that, as the years go by, it will be easier for you to continue with this sport routine.

At 30. At this stage, we still have vitality and strength, but our metabolism slows somewhat, which makes us need to take a little more care to maintain a healthy weight. Therefore, the important thing is to find a sport that we like and that we can combine with our day to day, such as swimming or Pilates, which are less strenuous activities but that will work our bodybuilding. In the event that we have a habit and desire, maintaining a cardio routine 2 or 3 times a week will be very positive for our body and mind.

At 40. It is a stage of change, in which hormones and day to day, make it more complex to keep fit. But that does not mean that it is impossible. Exercises such as yoga or Pilates will be positive for working your body and mind. You can also include some cardio like walking or jogging for 30 minutes, 3 days a week.

From 50. From this age, especially in women, weight gain and a reduction in muscle tone usually occur. But this does not mean that we should increase the intensity of the exercise or, on the contrary, give it up.

We just have to find a sport that helps us take care of our bones and muscles, with exercises according to your age, such as walking for 1 hour a day. Likewise, swimming or aquagym are also perfect to keep us healthy. We cannot deny that our body is a true reflection of how we are at that moment in our life.

Sometimes hormonal changes, personal or professional difficulties, or simply the passing of the years, makes us feel more exhausted, so a little help that gives us the vitality we need is useful.

At this point, at parapharmacygetitnow.com we recommend an extra vitality with nutritional supplements and vitamin complexes that will help you face your day with energy.

These supplements and vitamins, like sports, must also be adapted to your needs, so we can offer you from protein supplements to help you in your strength and cardio training, to vitamin complexes for people over 50 that will help bones and muscles to stay healthy.

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