Tips to maintain our exercise routine in Summer

Jul 02 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Tips to maintain our exercise routine in Summer

With few exceptions, most of them have a hard time exercising in the summer. The heat is the main enemy, but the eternal days, the plans with friends and the feeling of a constant weekend that usually characterizes the summer, do not make it easy to overcome laziness either; We give you these tips so you can maintain your exercise routine

1- Find the right supplement or energizer: caffeine is ideal to activate the mind and body, but a hot drink is rarely the best option due to the temperatures, which is why science offers us a lot of energizers that can give us the thrust out

2- Stay hydrated: even before we are thirsty, this will guarantee that our body does not overheat and the feeling of fatigue takes longer to appear

3- Carry out short but intense sessions: in this way stimulate the muscles without overexposing to external temperatures

4- Organize your diet: it is recommended to consult your trusted doctor who will create the right diet for the maintenance of your body

5- Change your schedule: it is advisable to do exercises in the afternoon or at night, when the temperature has found its balance and is not at its peak

6- Organize groups: it will help to motivate you and you will maintain the security regimes, if the heat beats us it is good to have someone to count on

7- Outdoor activities are highly recommended

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