Tips for staying cool in summer

Jul 21 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Tips for staying cool in summer

The rise in the electricity bill forces us to look for economic alternatives to quell the heat. Some privileged people cling to their air conditioners, but for those who do not have that happiness or cannot afford it, here are some tips and homemade recipes to alleviate the heat a bit. Here are some guidelines for maintaining comfortable temperatures in the home:

1-Prevent the sun from entering. Keep your blinds down and your windows closed during hot hours of the day. The secret to keeping a home cool without air conditioning is to create a shady environment in the home. Blackout curtains are more effective than translucent ones.

2-Use light and soft fabrics. Soft, white fabrics over warm items like cushions, beds, or sofas help keep you cool.

3-Take advantage of the coolest hours of the day. Opening the windows and blinds between 4 and 8 in the morning and during the evening hours allows you to update the house by a few degrees that will help keep it cooler.

4-Cross ventilation. Leave opposite windows open to create draft, preferably at night.

5-Reduce heat sources. Electronic devices, for example, are sources of heat that should be kept off during the hottest hours.

6-Do not attract moisture. The humidity of the air gives more sensation of heat. It is better not to wash and hang clothes indoors or to boil or cook food.

Remember! These tips, accompanied by a correct hydration routine and a good diet, will guarantee a more pleasant summer.

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