Tips for practicing high-performance sports in summer

Jul 27 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Tips for practicing high-performance sports in summer

The summer heat affects the practice of endurance sports, when it comes to doing sports outdoors, endurance activities such as running or cycling are the ones that suffer the most. However, going to the gym or swimming are two disciplines that are very appreciated during this time.

These high temperatures affect us because our reacts to them through thermoreceptors, which detect heat or cold and adapt our body temperature to cool or warm the body. These mechanisms are respiration, increased blood flow, and sweating. The latter is the one we are going to focus on since it is the one that interests the most in terms of endurance sports. Sweating is the most effective mechanism for cooling the body temperature.

Once we know the theory of how our body fights against heat, there are a series of tips that must be put into practice to be able to exercise in summer without suffering from heat stroke or without our capacity being excessively diminished

1-Make your workouts smoother when they are of long duration, as long as you are adapted and they are not a new stimulus.

2-When you do workouts of greater intensity and quality, try to make it early or late in the day.

3-Hydrate constantly.

4-Pay attention if you are going to exercise on an empty stomach or with low-carbohydrate diets. Always have options to eat carbohydrates quickly on hand in the moment.

5-Have correct hydration throughout the day and not only during sports practice.

6-Incorporate healthy habits into your day to day. Healthy eating, consistency in your training and rest; They are important for everything but even more so if you expose your body to long and intense efforts.

It's all a matter of training and adapting the training to the circumstances and characteristics of the time of year
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