This is how you should take care of your lips this summer

Jul 13 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

This is how you should take care of your lips this summer

Our lips are weaker and dehydrated than usual, the mask is largely to blame, it is time to increase our care and attention if we do not want them to suffer during the sunny season.

During the summer months, the lips require special attention. The weather, solar radiation or constant changes in temperature cause this area, the most sensitive and delicate of the face, to tend to dry out more easily. An aspect that in recent months, with the obligation to use the mask daily, has multiplied.

Redness and irritation have become common, not to mention the constant feeling of dehydration.
It is very likely that you have chosen to add the lip balm to your bag and use it again and again in order to deal with this dryness, but it is not enough. The care of the skin of the lips in times of mask must be greater, more specific. The good news is that it has a great regeneration capacity

The key is to dedicate time to protecting the lips, as we do with the rest of the body or with the hair, while we are at home but also when we go out. Basic care that can have great effects.

1-The use of specific sun protection: As it is a very thin skin, it is likely that it will suffer the negative consequences of the sun's rays if we do not protect it properly. It is important to use a lip sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 30. The ideal is to use it all year round, but in particular whenever we are exposed to the sun. It is advisable to renew it every two hours and after each bath

2-Constant hydration: It seems obvious but we do not always dedicate the necessary time to it. It is not only in using balms but in choosing the most appropriate ones in the current circumstances. We recommend a nourishing lip balm that contains shea butter or cocoa butter. It can be used as many times as necessary, and always after sun exposure or before going to bed

In case of using lipstick despite wearing a mask, we recommend choosing those that have moisturizing formulas so that the lips do not dry out.

3-The importance of exfoliation: Yes, the lips must also exfoliate. A vital step if we want to eliminate impurities and dead cells and that also manages to provide an extra dose of hydration.

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