The Right Mask

Dec 15 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

The Right Mask

The Right Mask

Facial masks are a cosmetic product that is used occasionally to easily complement the daily beauty ritual.

There are different bases, on many occasions organic products are recommended for their use, and although they certainly have beneficial properties, they can put our skin at risk against possible infections

The science in health and beauty products has evolved a lot and in the market there are already many brands and products that offer real and proven benefits that do not put the health of our skin at risk

For their benefits to be really effective, you have to look for the one that best suits each type of skin and that contains the necessary assets that help improve the facial dermis.

The benefits for each skin are determined by the active ingredients in the facial mask. Which mask to use depends on the characteristics of the dermis:

• Dry skin: should use a moisturizing mask.

• Acneic skin: a purifying and soothing mask is indicated for them.

• Skin with redness: they benefit from the use of a hydrating and soothing mask.

• Photoaged skins: they must use a mask with antioxidants that illuminate and hydrate the skin.

• Skins with spots: they need active ingredients that unify the skin tone.

There are different textures, the most recommended can be found in the form of creams and in Peel Off systems that transform into a thin transparent film as it dries, which allows it to be removed in one go. There are also masks impregnated in a fabric, also known as veil-type masks, which adapt to the skin and exert a more occlusive action, each one is specifically designed to create a benefit.

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