Aug 15 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia


In summer, the beach becomes everyone's favorite destination, from children to the elderly.

It is a good proposal for hot days, since we can get wet in the water to cool off and cope with the high temperatures or, simply, relax in the sun while we tan our skin.

It is also very common to find people who take advantage of the good day to practice sports, such as soccer, shovels, volleyball ... which is a good way to exercise with the possibility of taking a dip after the game so as not to suffer so much heat. so that we play in a natural and healthy space. Therefore, doing sports on the beach can mean many advantages when it comes to wanting to practice a sport and improve our physical form.

When doing activities, be it physical exercise or some kind of aerobic activity, we are forced to keep in constant motion, so that we warm up, tense and work our muscles. When we do sports on the beach, everything changes since we are working in another medium with a completely different surface.

Sand is an unstable soil that will not allow us to carry out the activity comfortably, since we must overcome its resistance. Therefore, the muscular work, especially of the legs, will be much greater. The intensity of the stride will also be greater, which will lead us to develop a doubly forced activity, which will translate into more wear and tear and high energy consumption.

Likewise, being an activity that requires resistance, the work of the respiratory and cardiovascular system that we provoke is very positive for our body. If we acquire the habit to follow throughout the year, it prevents us from suffering back pain or improving problems in the spine, we will see great improvements in our physical condition in general and in the back in particular, since the toning and stretching that we cause the muscles will help us in our day to day.

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