Take care of your Hands from the Cold !!!

Dec 22 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

Take care of your Hands from the Cold !!!

Take care of your Hands from the Cold !!!

With winter, thermometers register very low temperatures, which makes us take our old gloves out of the closet, during the season it is common, it protects us from the cold in areas as sensitive and delicate as our hands, but this is not the only one protection we must have. Our hands speak a lot about us a smooth skin and healthy nails show a lot of our hygiene, and this (like other parts of the body) are usually affected by the changes in temperature that we suffer daily during the season

Therefore, Bionike we give you 6 tips to protect your hands during these cold months

1-Moisturize the hands as many times as necessary and do it by means of a small -massage so that the cream penetrates better. Calendula or glycerin-based creams are a good option.

2-Use gloves when leaving home. Gloves protect hands from cold, dryness and cold changes in temperature. Experts also recommend using gloves to sleep, just after applying the cream, so that it penetrates better.

3-Do not use very hot water when washing them and use an appropriate soap. They should also be dried well, without rubbing too much, to respect the epidermis.

4-Use creams with sun protection to go outside, thus avoiding redness due to the dilation of the vessels in the face of sudden changes in temperature or tightness due to dryness, etc.

5-Avoid contact with wool. This is due to the fact that these types of tissues often irritate the skin, and are very annoying when you have dry hands. The best alternative to this is cotton garments.

 6-Exfoliating your hands once a week will help keep them in perfect condition, since the skin regenerates completely once a month, but due to the dryness of winter this effect can be delayed.

Put these simple tips into practice and your hands will thank you, from Parapharmacy Get It Now we are here to help you, if you want additional advice on which is the ideal product for the care of your hands, do not hesitate to contact us through any of our channels of instant messaging and we will offer you free professional advice

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