Tactics to combat stress

Aug 20 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

Tactics to combat stress

In a period of great uncertainty and changes like the one we are experiencing, it is normal that we feel more stress, something that can affect our rest and our well-being.

Therefore, we leave you a series of strategies that will help you control it: Learn to identify which situations are stressful for us and, if possible, try to avoid them.

Learn to relax and say "no" to extra worries and responsibilities, at this point it is important to learn to delegate.

Prioritize and plan for the things we must do.

Practice sports regularly and pay attention to your diet, trying to make it as healthy as possible.

Avoid coffee and exciting drinks, as well as alcohol consumption.

Sleep 8 hours daily.

Meditation or exercises like yoga can help you connect with yourself and work on your well-being.

Take time for yourself, to do what you want, take a hot bath, read, watch a movie ... Whatever you want.

Connect with other people, family, friends, take care of social contact.

Keep a positive attitude. And seek help if you need it.

It is very important to dedicate time to yourself, prioritize and enjoy the day to day.

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