Sports supplements and athlete nutrition

Sep 07 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Sports supplements and athlete nutrition

If you are looking to improve your performance or take care of your health through sports, it is very likely that, at one time or another, you have been recommended some specific nutritional supplements. But are sports supplements really healthy? We will solve some frequent doubts:
-In general, food supplements are not necessary for healthy people

Food supplements are usually only necessary for people with diagnosed pathologies or nutrient deficiencies. Those people take the supplements under medical supervision.
In the rest of the cases, a varied and balanced diet is enough to obtain the necessary nutrients, so, in principle, it would not be necessary to resort to supplements.

-What about sports supplements?
The regular practice of sports does not imply that you need to consume sports supplements. It is enough to adapt the diet to provide the corresponding nutrients. However, for high intensity or endurance sports, it can be a bit tricky to adjust your diet. Sports supplements then become a practical alternative.

-How to choose the right sports supplements?
The best way to proceed is to consult with a doctor or a nutritionist, to establish the dietary guidelines associated with the training plan you have. If you need a sports supplement, a professional will tell you, in addition to informing you about the necessary amounts.

-Examples of special needs for athletes
A person looking to gain muscle mass will need to increase their protein intake, to help repair and strengthen the muscles that they work. He can do this by eating more eggs, poultry, and other protein sources, or he can buy a supplement in the form of a shake, for example.
An athlete who practices endurance activities will need a higher intake of carbohydrates than the average. Again, he can achieve this with traditional diet or with caloric supplements designed specifically for it.

And let's not forget that very intense physical activity makes you sweat a lot, which implies a notable loss of minerals, so a high-level athlete has to increase their consumption of these types of elements to be able to compensate for sweating. It also requires an additional intake for some vitamins.

-Is there any danger with sports supplements?
If your consumption of supplements is supervised by a health professional, using sports supplements is not dangerous for you.

Most of the products that are marketed are quite innocuous. For example, if you consume protein on your own and without it being really necessary, usually nothing will happen to you. In the worst case, you will have consumed an unnecessary supplement.
However, consuming too much of some minerals, vitamins or other nutrients can have a disastrous impact on your health. Hence, taking supplements without professional supervision is not recommended.

It is important to remember that before any change in your diet, purchase any product or make any change in your exercise routine, visit your trusted doctor who will indicate the best for you and your health.

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