Skin Tag Care

Dec 15 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

Skin Tag Care

Skin tag care

Our skin speaks a lot about us, tells our history, reflects our life: over the years we go through situations that can affect, hurt and MARK IT; accidental wounds, operations, cesarean sections, acne, or simple changes as natural as a simple increase or decrease in weight, and these marks usually accompany us for life

Scars or marks on our skin can appear for various reasons and it is common to want to reduce them as much as possible. Removing a scar completely is almost impossible, they deserve special care
First of all, we must bear in mind that we do not all heal in the same way, therefore, the care will vary from one person to another and the best thing is always to consult with a health specialist to recommend us which is the best way to take care of our affected skin

The basics

Exposure to the sun produces chemical effects on our skin on a daily basis, it is something so natural that it is as imperceptible for us as breathing, we produce melanin and other substances that tend to thicken the skin, change its color or even harden its texture. During the healing period or even with the existence of a mark, this process is more delicate, the skin is sensitive and its changes are more abrupt and northern, which is why the result is usually negative, which is why exposure to the Sun in these areas should be limited

Hygiene; should be the daily premise, keeping these areas clean simplifies the chemical processes that affect them, reduces their risk of external damage

Hydration: these affected areas need an extra reinforcement to the common of our organism, keeping them hydrated guarantees they will have all the implements to heal

Putting the basics into practice will allow us to simplify the real care of affected skin, these simple tips will avoid making the process of caring for our marks and scars more complex, but to achieve a noticeable result we need an extra reinforcement. There are products that have been dedicated to intensive research on how to best treat these types of marks, their objective is to reduce them to a minimum to the point of making them practically imperceptible, at Parapharmacy Get It Now we have included a wide selection of products that can help you to show off a skin without blemishes again, consult through our instant messaging channels and we can help you find the product that best suits your needs

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