Serums what they are for and how they are used

Aug 20 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

Serums what they are for and how they are used

Serums are light products with a high concentration of active ingredients that act in the deepest layers of the skin, a great ally for the care of the face and neck and will become an essential in your routine.

For the Serum to have the desired effect, it must adapt to the needs of your skin, and introduce it into your day-to-day life constantly.

When and how to apply the Serum? Serums should be applied before cream, twice a day and on a clean, dry face.

The best form of application is by tapping on the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

You can see that it is absorbed quickly and will enhance the effects of your cream. we have all kinds of serum, anti-aging serum, moisturizing serum, corrector serum and anti-blemish serum ... All at the best price online and from the most important brands in facial care.

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