Ready for the holidays? How to keep the line without making Christmas bitter

Nov 24 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

Ready for the holidays? How to keep the line without making Christmas bitter

Ready for the holidays?

How to keep the line without making Christmas bitter The Christmas holidays are approaching, and with them family meals, company dinners and drinks with friends.

They are pleasant and happy moments, but they can also lead to a significant lack of control of our diet, which can later take its toll with weight gain. But this has a solution, and it is far from doing restrictive diets before Christmas or forbidding to eat everything we like on these dates.

The secret is to keep a balance. And to help you, we offer you these tips to stay in line this Christmas:

1. Shop smart. Since the beginning of November we can find sweets and Christmas foods in supermarkets, but think that everything you take home you will end up eating it, so fill the shopping cart with your head.

2. Avoid snacking. You can eat what you like, but serve it on your plate, this way you will have more control over your meals.

3. Don't skip meals. Not eating anything throughout the day to arrive at dinner hungry and thinking that this is how we compensate, is not a good idea. We will arrive hungry and anxious, so we will consume many more calories than we would have consumed with balanced meals throughout the day.

4. Hydrate yourself. Do not forget to stay well hydrated with water or infusions, since the feeling of thirst is often confused with hunger.

5. Prefer the oven or the grill. If it's your turn to prepare Christmas Eve dinner or Christmas lunch, choose foods that are baked or grilled, seasoned and in their own juice. It will be healthy and delicious.

6. Healthy side dishes. Reserve a space on your plate for vegetables or salads, they will help us fill ourselves up and take care of ourselves.

7. Drink in moderation. We all like to toast and have a glass of wine during dinner. Do not deprive yourself, but choose well the glasses with which you liven up the night and their quantity, avoid those with a cream base or a lot of sugar, and do not exceed the number.

8. Eat slowly. Enjoy the food and the company, dedicate time and eat slowly, otherwise, you will not give time for the body to discover that it is satiated.

9. Choose your dessert Who doesn't like to have a nougat or a polvorón with coffee? Do it, but choose 1 and enjoy it. Keep in mind that you will have other opportunities to try the rest.

10. Physical activity. It is not about pounding ourselves in the gym the day after a binge, but about maintaining a physical activity that helps us be healthy. We can take advantage of it to go on routes or tourism with the family or do some Christmas activity with friends, such as ice skating or skiing.

As you can see, it is in our power to take care of ourselves while we enjoy Christmas, but a little help will always come in handy at this time.

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