Perfect smile for summer

Jun 30 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Perfect smile for summer

To be prepared for the summer, it is best to plan the care you need to show off a healthy and beautiful smile throughout the holidays.

Summer is just around the corner, holidays, relaxation, travel, the sun, the beach, the mountains. We have carefully planned our vacations but have we prepared our mouths? A healthy smile is the best company for our summer.

The best thing is to also plan the care that our mouth needs to show off a beautiful and problem-free smile throughout the holidays.

That is why at Parapharmacy Get It Now we have prepared these tips and clarify your doubts;

Visit your dentist: If you plan to go on vacation in the summer, it is important that you visit your dentist first. What we least want during our rest days is that our mouth begins to hurt because of a cavity, or check that our gums bleed in a worrying way….

Can chlorine from the pool or sea salt damage my teeth?

The pool and beach are popularly associated with dental wear or erosion due to contact with chlorine and sea salt. However, exposure to these elements does not have to affect the teeth, except for people who are continuously exposed to these elements (such as professional athletes who spend more than 6 hours in contact with water).

Those people who have a continuous exposure to these chemical elements contained in the water of the swimming pools or the sea, can prevent dental erosion with annual oral hygiene and prevention habits (such as fluoridating the teeth regularly and keeping a control on the chemical levels of the pool water to prevent tooth enamel from weakening).
Take care of hygiene

Oral hygiene care is essential throughout the year. However, with the change of habits sometimes we put aside some good habits. To have a healthy and beautiful smile it is necessary to be constant with dental hygiene and brush our teeth after every meal. To prevent this habit from getting lost on vacation, we can include a brushing kit in the bag or backpack.

Don't forget, visit your dentist in June and just worry about smiling on vacation!

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