My breath smells bad, what can I do?

Sep 28 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

My breath smells bad, what can I do?

My breath smells bad, what can I do? Have you ever noticed or been told that your breath smells? Bad breath is also known as halitosis and it is because the mouth gives off an unpleasant smell. But ... have you ever wondered where that smell comes from? First we will share some curiosities ... Did you know that our breath varies throughout the day or moment?

- When we wake up, since while we sleep we do not secrete so much saliva, we wake up with drier mouth and worse breath.

- During menstruation, women's breath may smell worse than at other times of the cycle, but it is reversed after those days of hormonal revolution.

- Fasting or consuming more calories than necessary, could also cause bad breath.

- Dental prostheses or a denture with a large interdental space can favor the accumulation of food debris and these are food for bacteria in the mouth. Bad breath originates 90% in the mouth. Only 10% is caused by other problems, such as digestive disorders.

Therefore, good oral hygiene will safely help us to combat bad breath. We remind you of our post on this blog #parapharmacygetitnow where we told you the steps to have a healthy and fantastic smile.

What conditions cause bad breath?

- Accumulation of oral biofilm on the tongue.

- Cavities - Gingivitis or periodontitis

- Dry mouth - Ulcers, canker sores

- Phlegmons Oral biofilm (the accumulated bacterial plaque) is the cause of bad breath in a large percentage of cases.

It is because these bacteria metabolize the food that remains in the mouth and release molecules called volatile sulfur compounds, which are the ones that really smell bad.

It is important not to confuse halitosis as a pathology with temporary bad breath that could be caused by the consumption of foods such as spicy, garlic or onion. Or the bad smell from the consumption of alcohol or tobacco.

To treat halitosis, it is recommended to use specific products. In you will find a wide range of products to treat this problem.

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