Microneedling: what is it, benefits and how to take care of your skin from therapy

Sep 06 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Microneedling: what is it, benefits and how to take care of your skin from therapy

Facial microneedling seeks to erase fine lines and small marks caused by acne, one of the best and the newest in anti-wrinkle treatments. Loaded with a super anti-aging cocktail, this medical-aesthetic therapy belongs to the enormous secrets of celebrities to combat the signs of aging.

What is facial microneedling?
Microneedling of the face, also known as dermarolling, is a collagen induction therapy, dermapen, which leaves the dermis smoother, smoother and independent of fine lines and small marks.

Throughout a microneedling session, the patient obtains a cocktail of different active ingredients with an anti-aging and flash impact. In addition, the dermis is subjected to a small mini-aggression so that it regenerates and generates collagen and elastin, delegates to preserve the elasticity and adolescence of the face. This procedure is constantly done in specialized aesthetic clinics and its primary objective is to combat the most obvious signs of old age.

Microneedling and the benefits of aesthetic medicine
Treatments to rejuvenate the dermis through aesthetic medicine allow several benefits to be obtained through safe methods. By inducing the production of restorative substances, such as collagen and elastin, the appearance of the dermis is noticeably optimizing.

With microneedling, various drawbacks of the dermis are faced in different body areas. These are its main benefits:
• Softens and tones the dermis
• Reduces slight and moderate wrinkles and expression lines
• Evens out the tone of the dermis and reduces blemishes
• Improves the appearance of brands
• Reduces stretch marks
Unlike other treatments, it can be performed on all kinds of skin, including tanned skin
It is applied in the sector you need, such as the face, neck and décolleté. It is also feasible to try other body surfaces to improve the appearance of marks, stretch marks or combat flaccidity. The dermis will be repaired and you will notice that it is smoother and more toned.

How to take care of the skin after the treatment?
It is important to take into account the care after a microneedling session, because the skin will be very susceptible and sensitive to any external element. These are the cares you should consider:
• Avoid 24 hours before the makeup session
• Avoid exposing your skin to the sun during the first hours.
• In certain patients it can cause redness, so it is advisable not to have any event or meeting in the next few hours after the session.
• Use sunscreen to avoid the appearance of spots in the dermis.
• It is recommended to use an anti-wrinkle mask, natural or commercial.

Before carrying out any treatment, identify your skin type and consult with professionals in the area, visit your trusted doctor and he or she will be able to indicate the appropriate treatment for you.

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