Keys for Newborn Baby Skin Care

Apr 07 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Keys for Newborn Baby Skin Care

As the newborn baby has a different skin anatomically and physiologically from that of the adult, their care must be special. Its function is that of a barrier, since it passes from the uterus, where it is surrounded by fluid to the external environment.

the skin is also necessary for the temperature to be properly regulated; In addition, it serves to protect against injuries, such as bumps or scratches, and infections. It is the first form of defense that the child has at birth.
It is normal for parents to have doubts when it comes to taking care of this important organ for the baby. We give you some tips:

Clean with neutral soaps

We must take into account the delicacy of the child's skin, which initially lacks bacterial flora to protect it and has an umbilical cord wound.
Not just any product can be used to clean it. As its pH is acidic and varies between 4.5 and 6 depending on the areas, alkaline soaps should be avoided, which increase its pH, leading to irritations and infections. Instead, use neutral or slightly acid soaps, without perfumes. When lathering, it is possible to do it by hand or with a soft sponge.

No need for daily bathing

A common question is whether it is necessary to wash the newborn every day. It is not necessary to clean all the areas, as they have self-cleaning mechanisms.

Antiseptics should not be abused

Its excessive use can change the normal microbiological ecosystem of the skin, as well as favor the proliferation of other microorganisms.

In the case of alcohol, they warn that it can be harmful when absorbed, causing burns or changes in pH.
Using moisturizing lotions after bathing
To avoid this dryness, moisturizing lotions are useful after bathing ”

Using moisturizing lotions after bathing

To avoid this dryness, moisturizing lotions are useful after bathing ”.

Be careful with the applied products

Because the barrier function of the skin is not fully developed in the infant, substances applied locally on the skin can penetrate more intensely, reaching the most active layers of the epidermis. Hence, preparations for external use must be administered and dosed particularly carefully.
Alkaline-free preparations for changing diapers
The preparations without alkaline, enriched with fatty additive agents and indicated exclusively for the care of the special and delicate areas of the baby are appropriate.

Prevent sun exposure

Newborn babies should not be exposed to the sun. up to three years should avoid this direct exposure. In addition, it recommends going outside with protection against the harmful sun rays.

Run away from high and low temperatures

The skin of the little ones appreciates a warm temperature. Otherwise, high temperatures can lead to hyperthermia or sweat, while too cold can promote hypothermia or panniculitis.

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