Importance of caring for and hydrating your hands

Jan 26 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Importance of caring for and hydrating your hands

Importance of caring for and hydrating your hands

Caring for and hydrating your hands properly is essential for different reasons. Your hands are the part of your body that you expose the most to the eyes of others. Except when you cover them with gloves on the coldest days of winter or on a special occasion, you always wear them naked, which makes them very vulnerable to the weather and other factors that can damage them.

Your hands reflect your personality, since the way you move them says a lot about your degree of introversion or extroversion, your strengths and weaknesses. The way you shake another person when you meet or greet them is the way others get their first impression of you. They are, in a way, your cover letter, the most important thing in the short distances of your social relationships.

In short, your hands reflect what your daily activities are, your lifestyle, your age ... They are also the part of the body that you use the most throughout the day; With them you write, eat, hold objects, use tools, etc.
It is for all these reasons why caring for and hydrating your hands, and doing it in the most natural way you can, is essential.

When should you hydrate your hands
As soon as you see the first symptoms that your hands are cracking or spoiling, you should resort to a hand moisturizer, which leaves your skin smooth and firm, protecting it from external factors that can affect dryness and worsen its condition. The type of hand cream you should use will depend on the different problems that you present and the state of dryness. The most obvious signs of dehydration problems in the hands are, from minor to major:
• Dry hands: this is the first sign that appears when the hands suffer from dehydration. To alleviate the problem, the application of petroleum jelly or creams with a concentrated formulation is usually useful. If this is your problem, here is a post that can be used for dry hands.
• Cracked hands: this occurs when the hands are so dry that the skin can be cut with a simple movement of the fingers.
• Damaged hands: when the symptoms indicated above appear for long periods of time.

What should a cream have to hydrate your hands
To properly hydrate your hands, it is recommended that the cream you use has a series of ingredients that protect and nourish them in depth. Some of these ingredients are:
• Vitamin E: excellent to slow down aging and also to keep nails strong.
• Cocoa and shea butter: full of minerals and vitamins and is a great cell regenerator.
• Essential oils of lemon and orange: ideal for removing stains.

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