How to take care of your feet in Summer

Aug 06 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

How to take care of your feet in Summer

When summer comes, after a long winter with your feet covered by socks, closed shoes, boots, etc.

It is time to put on sandals and walk barefoot on the beach, and on many occasions we do not know how to show off beautiful and well-groomed feet. Therefore, we leave you some basic tips to take care of your feet and wear them this summer without worries:

Choose the footwear correctly, sandals are the favorites when the heat arrives, but it is preferable sandals that correctly hold your foot, made with breathable and fresh fabrics and not abuse the heel. Daily hygiene of your feet, including daily hydration, weekly exfoliation and careful drying of your feet.

Take care of your nails, cut them straight and file the corners to avoid any type of injury. Sun protection is also important on the feet, as they are highly exposed. In the pools always with flip flops to avoid microbes and fungi.

Do not share flip flops or sandals. In the event of chafing or blisters, heal wounds immediately with recommended products.

The feet are one of the parts of our body that we most expose in summer to the sun and external factors, so it is important to keep them cared for and protected.

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