How to overcome heavy digestions

Nov 03 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

How to overcome heavy digestions

How to overcome heavy digestions

Changes in diet, as well as emotional factors, such as stress or anxiety, can negatively affect our digestive health and our general well-being, causing us to bloat, gas and discomfort.

It is true that when this happens on a regular basis it can reduce our quality of life, even so, we can also establish habits in our day to day that will help us overcome poor digestion and regain the healthy functioning of our stomach. Some of these customs are: Eat slowly and with attention, putting aside the mobile and moving away from the computer and obligations. It is necessary to take a moment to relax and relate food to a moment without stress or rush.

Chew your food well. This will help you eat more slowly and avoid air intake and gas build-up. Learn to listen to your stomach. Find out which foods make you feel worse and eliminate them from your day to day.

Limit fried and overly spicy foods. The excess of oils and fats favor difficult digestion, so it is best to avoid fried foods, sauces, fast food and industrial pastries. Eat moderate portions and several times a day. Meals that are too large are the worst enemy for digestion, so it is more convenient to eat about 5 light meals throughout the day. Drink a lot of water.

Staying hydrated is essential for our digestive health, but remember to avoid sodas with a lot of sugar and carbonated drinks. Neither alcohol nor tobacco are substances that are very harmful to our health and our stomach, making our digestion difficult. Stay active.

Taking a walk after meals promotes bowel movement and digestion. During the holidays we tend to neglect our diet and we can suffer it when we return to the routine.

Therefore, now with the return to the routine is the best time to start with these healthy habits that will help you regain your health and reset your stomach.

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