How to improve our digestion with diet

Aug 20 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

How to improve our digestion with diet

Digestive problems can stem from many different causes, including stress, but they can all be aggravated by mistakes in diet or alleviated by a few adjustments in our diet.

We detail some of the recommendations that you can follow to achieve results in a short time and improve your quality of life: Bet on natural probiotics like yogurt, although you can also supplement your diet with probiotics.

Incorporate fiber into your diet, it will help you regulate and improve your intestinal transit. Choose fresh and natural products, the ultra-processed ones contain an excess of sugars and fats, which will worsen our digestion.

No alcohol or tobacco, great enemies of our digestion and intestine.

Try to manage stress. Play sports regularly.

If you follow these tips, your digestion can improve noticeably and feel better.

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