How to Hydrate in Summer

Jul 14 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

How to Hydrate in Summer

How to hydrate in summer

Summer has arrived and the heat is already hitting hard and maintaining good hydration is of great importance for our body to function properly and to be healthy. Our body compensates for the increase in thermometers and the time we spend outdoors, secreting sweat to regulate our body temperature, so it is essential to increase our consumption of water and liquids, how can we do it?

The water bottle is always with you, and drink regularly, without waiting to be thirsty. It is better to drink little by little so that the body assimilates it better and remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

Soft drinks are not the best option, they do not fulfill the function of hydrating us like water, and they also have too many sugars.

Increase the consumption of seasonal fruits such as watermelon that contain large amounts of water. Include in your diet foods with a large amount of water, such as gazpachos, soups, salads, natural slush, etc. If you do physical exercise it is important to drink enough fluids before and after.

Pay special attention to children and the elderly, since they are the main risk group and do not always recognize thirst symptoms, so it is essential to offer them water often.

Pregnant and lactating women also require significantly increased water consumption. At this time it is very necessary to take extreme precautions to avoid suffering dehydration or heat stroke, to do this hydrate yourself correctly and enjoy the summer. Remember that, on these dates, we are still available online at with all the products you may need and where you need them.

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