How to fight anemia

Nov 17 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

How to fight anemia

It is common for everyone, at some point in our life, to suffer from anemia. Anemia translates into a deficit of red blood cells or lack of hemoglobin in them.

It is the red blood cells that carry oxygen from our lungs to the rest of the body. Some of the symptoms of anemia are dizziness, headaches, or weakness; and it usually occurs more in women and children.

Some of the periods in which we can suffer the most from iron deficiency are: Adolescence, especially in women due to the first menstruations. During pregnancy, especially in the first semester, in addition to breastfeeding. Stages with habitual blood loss due to bleeding or chronic diseases.

One way to fight anemia naturally is through a balanced and healthy diet that contains the necessary vitamins. Some of the keys that we have to take into account are: Include more iron.

The iron that is most easily absorbed in our body is that of animal origin, especially red meat; but these should be consumed a maximum of 2 times a week; so we must combine them with iron of natural origin, which we can find in foods such as spinach, avocado, beets, tofu, legumes, dehydrated fruits or nuts. More Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps us to absorb iron properly, and we find it in a large number of vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits.

Limit the amounts of milk, coffee, and tea.

The calcium present in milk and the tannins in coffee or tea make it difficult to absorb iron, so we should consume them in moderation and, if possible, away from main meals. .

Food supplements, there are a large number of supplements of natural origin that will help you at times when you need an increase in iron in your body. It is important that we remain attentive to the signals that our body offers us, to detect anemia and remedy it as quickly as possible.

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