How to do nasal cleansing for the little ones

Sep 14 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

How to do nasal cleansing for the little ones

How to do nasal cleansing for the little ones School time begins, and with it will come the time of snot and colds in the smallest of the house.

It is inevitable this time, but we can take a series of measures that will relieve children and prevent these colds from becoming complicated. If we talk about babies, the accumulation of mucus can be really annoying for them, since they still cannot breathe through their mouth and it prevents them from eating and sleeping well. And the best way to relieve them is through nasal washes with serum.

Nasal washing is a very useful routine in autumn and winter, but it can be quite uncomfortable for the little ones, so we leave you some tips to make it a little easier: Choose the most appropriate posture based on the child and their age.

It can be lying on its back with the head on one side, which is usually the most effective and quick, it is about pouring the serum into the hole that is above.

It can also be with the child sitting, if the child is older. (when they are older). Get all the necessary material (physiological serum, syringe and nasal aspirator) and consult all the doubts that may arise. Do washes before meals and before sleeping. We can do as many nasal washes as necessary, although the use of an aspirator is better to reduce its frequency so as not to dry out the mucosa.

A good time may be after bathing, as the mucus is softer. Humidify the environment, especially at night to help them sleep better. Nasal cleaning is essential to ensure the well-being of our little ones, as well as to avoid other problems such as otitis.

Remember that at we are here to advise you and offer you all the necessary products for the care of the little ones in this new season.

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