How to care for rosacea skin

Sep 28 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

How to care for rosacea skin

How to care for rosacea skin Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory disease in the central area of ​​the face that affects people with fair skin, more often women, the symptoms generally being more serious when it affects men.

It usually affects the face, although it can also spread to other areas such as the neck and the décolleté area.

The most common symptoms of rosacea are: Redness in the central facial area, which can be occasional or permanent. Telangiectasias: small blood vessels or capillaries that dilate and become visible through the skin. Acne-like lesions. High reactivity and sensitivity of the skin with itching and burning.

There is currently no treatment that eliminates rosacea, but with proper care you can slow its evolution and reduce flare-ups. These are some of the tips that you should keep in mind: Cleaning the skin with gentle products, 100% natural and specific for sensitive skin, without rubbing the skin with towels or wipes.

Treatments such as peels or scrubs, or products with chemicals or alcohol are not recommended. Avoid very hot or very cold water, as well as environments with high humidity. Hydrate yourself with creams that protect you from external agents to prevent irritation and itching. Sun protection is essential to take care of rosacea, use sun cream with SPF 50+, and avoid sun exposure as it will worsen the lesions. Choose mineral makeup products, light and oil-free.

Lifestyle habits also influence the evolution of rosacea.

Control the stress of your day to day, try to avoid alcohol, tobacco and coffee and bet on a healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients.

Skin care is essential for rosacea skin, so if you need advice and the right products, don't hesitate to ask us. At we are here to help you.

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