How to avoid injuries from wearing masks

Aug 06 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

How to avoid injuries from wearing masks

The continued use of masks (something necessary to avoid contagion and control the spread of Covid-19) has a series of consequences on our skin, which we must know to prevent and treat.

One of the most common is the appearance of eczema on the hands from the use of gels and gloves, and on the face from the rubbing of masks.

The first sign of the appearance of these lesions is that our skin appears dry and inflamed and the appearance of small blisters or papules that can be uncomfortable and itchy.

If these injuries do not receive adequate treatment, they can degenerate into major damages, with bleeding, suppuration and cracks, what can we do?

Use calming and drying sprays to keep blisters from getting worse. Repair creams are very useful, use them every day, 2 or 3 times a day.

Use of low-potency corticosteroids to control flare-ups.

For hand and face washes, use mild soaps, rinse well, and gently and thoroughly dry the skin.

Avoid using makeup when you have to wear a mask throughout the day. Avoid wearing rings on your hands if you suffer injuries between your fingers.

Yes, the use of masks is essential, but that does not mean that we should settle for the possible discomfort they cause on our skin.

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