How to avoid hunger strikes

Nov 03 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

How to avoid hunger strikes

How to avoid hunger strikes

We have all had the feeling at some point of feeling voracious hunger, and have the feeling that no matter how much we eat, we are not satisfied. This is known as "hunger pangs" and they are often the consequence of a disorderly diet.

Hunger attacks can be avoided quite easily, just establish a healthier routine based on the following tips:

Establish a schedule for meals, in which you follow stable times for your meals. In addition, you should not allow more than 3 hours to pass between meals, in this way our glucose level will remain stable.

Don't skip food.

This is one of the most common mistakes in our diet, either due to lack of time or wanting to reduce kilos, skipping a meal will only cause an increase in hunger and anxiety about food.

Healthy and balanced diet.

Foods with too much fat or a very high sugar level can cause our body to reduce the natural production of insulin to counteract, which will cause us to feel hungry.

To avoid this, the least is to eat a balanced diet based on natural foods, such as fruit, vegetables, white meat, fish and complex carbohydrates.

Don't have forbidden foods.

If we radically eliminate a product that we like from our diet, we will only make us want to consume it more. No food is bad if eaten in moderation.

Eat slowly and sitting down.

Chew food calmly and calmly, if we eat too quickly we will not enjoy the food or be aware of when we are full. Know the reason for hunger.

There are many occasions when we eat out of nerves or anxiety, if we identify these moments we can find other healthier ways to calm down and entertain ourselves.

Hydrate yourself Surely many times you have confused the feeling of thirst with hunger, to avoid this drink often, consuming about 2 liters of water a day.

Rest well. Getting enough sleep is essential for our body and its balance, and if we do not we will have a greater feeling of hunger, especially towards very caloric foods.

The most important thing is to enjoy the food and the time of the meal, in this way the hunger attacks will calm down because you will feel satiated and calm.

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