How should we clean our skin

Sep 14 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

How should we clean our skin

How should we clean our skin Daily cleansing of the skin is one of the most basic routines if we want to keep our skin healthy, young and beautiful.

Why is it important to clean our skin? We must bear in mind that our skin is exposed daily to pollution, makeup dust, products and the accumulation of fat itself, so it is essential to leave it clean daily so that it is able to oxygenate, breathe and regenerate its cells.

We must clean our face twice a day, before going to sleep and when we wake up, and this must be a habit as ingrained as brushing our teeth, since we obtain a lot of benefits: Eliminates impurities and toxins, decongesting the face.

It balances the hydration of the skin in a natural way, counteracting the effects of external agents. Oxygenates, maintaining optimal fat levels.

Increases the benefits of skin treatments, facilitating their penetration.

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