Fighting Cold Skin Burns

Dec 02 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

Fighting Cold Skin Burns

Fighting Cold Skin Burns

At this time of year the temperatures are getting lower and lower and when you go outside a breath of cold air hits you mercilessly. Our skin suffers the most in these dark and cold winter days.

It dries up and loses its luminosity due to being exposed to higher temperature contrast. In winter our skin can suffer, especially people with sensitive skin or with skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis. Cold and wind cause it to dry out excessively due to alteration of the hydrolipidic barrier

To prevent this, put these simple tips into practice:

1-Protect yourself from the cold. It is the first step that we must take into account, cover Any part of your body that is exposed can become irritated with the air. Before hitting the street, put on gloves, a hat and a scarf that create a shield against the cold.

2-Hydrate yourself. It is essential to apply commonly used moisturizers all over the body and, if possible, after the shower, when the skin is still damp.

If the cold air has burned your skin, you need urgent and intense care. To help cells renew, apply a serum first, and a deep hydrating cream or gel later. Repeat this process 3 or 4 times a day on the affected area, until your skin is hydrated again

3-Use sun protection: Apply a moisturizer with sun protection, especially if it will be exposed during a long journey. In addition to protecting your skin against the cold, it will prevent it from being attacked by the UV rays that the Sun also emits in winter. Do not forget about your lips: apply a specific moisturizing balm so they do not crack.

4-Avoid sources of heat. We know that it is very comforting to sit by the fireplace at this time, but the expert warns us that it is preferable to avoid being very close to sources of heat such as fireplaces, stoves or very hot water bottles, as they can cause burns and other alterations of the skin. So light the fireplace, but don't get too close

Follow these simple tips and you will notice the changes very quickly during the season. At Parapharmacy Get It Now we are here to serve you, if you want guidance on the appropriate treatment for your skin type, do not hesitate to contact us through our instant messaging channels and we will gladly provide you with the necessary advice

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