Facial Cleansing Duringthe Christmas Holidays

Dec 02 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

Facial Cleansing Duringthe Christmas Holidays

Facial Cleansing During the Christmas Holidays

At Christmas it is normal that you want to show off an ideal skin, especially radiant to live a magical moment with your loved ones. Whether you are going to celebrate the holidays with your partner, family or friends, but it is also true that with the holidays also come excesses that not only have consequences on weight but also on the health of the skin, turning it off and dehydrating it.

During Christmas it is common to consume more caloric foods and end up eating much more than usual. To all this are added the sweets typical of the time and a greater consumption of alcohol. Fatty foods can negatively affect our skin and alter it, while foods with a lot of sugar produce very high insulin peaks that inflame the skin and cause hardening and deterioration of the dermal fibers.

For its part, alcohol dehydrates the skin and makes it appear congested and more dull. Also, staying up late during the holidays does not help to wake up with a good face. All these agents cause the skin to appear more dull, dull and dehydrated.
From Parapharmacy Get It Now let us have the solution !!! Follow these tips and you will have ideal skin to show off a spectacular face all season long

1-Clean your face with plenty of cold water and with an appropriate soap for your skin, preferably with a neutral PH, then place a warm towel on your face to open the pores and leave it to act for at least 30 minutes. If you wish, you can opt for a steam bath that lasts about 10 minutes.

2-Exfoliate your face to eliminate dead cells and achieve a cleaner and much more luminous skin.

3-To finish with the beauty routine for a perfect face for Christmas, we recommend that you use a good hydrating or vitamin mask.

Apply this simple facial cleansing at least once a week; Afterwards, you will only have to hydrate the skin of the face daily, preferably after each shower with the moisturizing cream that best suits your needs as well as your skin type, in this way you will have a clean, fresh and radiant face that will allow you to worry only for enjoying the holidays

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