Eight tips to enjoy sex to the fullest and in a healthy way

Jul 12 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Eight tips to enjoy sex to the fullest and in a healthy way

Living erotic relationships healthily implies doing it with pleasure, knowing yourself, valuing yourself, choosing what, how, when and where, saying what you want and what not, and having adequate information to do it without risk.
Take into account the following tips:

1) Take care of health
For satisfactory sexual relations, the absence of fatigue and stress, as well as medical problems (testosterone deficiency, depression, intake of a drug that inhibits sexual desire, etc.) is important.
The practice of physical exercise on a regular basis is an enhancer of our libido, since it improves the production of testosterone and allows a good emotional self-regulation

2) Find out what you like
To enjoy as a couple, first I have to know myself well, know how my erotica works, my body, what turns me on, etc.
If each member of the couple has this erotic self-knowledge, the encounter between the two will be much more fruitful and pleasant. Communication, trust and intimacy between the two are also vital here.

3) get carried away
For a couple to enjoy their art of love and the pleasure of their encounter, there is no secret other than letting themselves be carried away by the desire to meet, dedicating time to love and space to eroticism.

4) Innovate
Over time some stimuli lose their effectiveness. The solution is through the continuous exploration of stimuli of any kind (visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory, etc.). Also due to the decontextualization of sexual relations and the search for alternatives (varying the context, habits, postures and rhythm, among others)

5) Know that intercourse is just an option
Our sexual organ is the whole body, not just the genitals. Intercourse is an option, but it doesn't have to be the only option to enjoy with your partner. In fact, intercourse, when considered the essential element for sex, causes many problems, such as anxiety. You have to learn to play other things

6) Bet on a healthy relationship
The absence of conflicts within the couple's relationship constitutes one of the best prognoses for improving sexual health. You have to take care of the couple. And it is that, in some people, the sexual relationship with the partner has long been an obligation, rather than a source of pleasure and satisfaction. One unsatisfactory experience after another often results in a loss of sexual interest

7) Have a positive attitude
The sexual dimension is closely related to the mind. Problems in everyday life may affect sexual intercourse. It is necessary to avoid that sexuality is interfered by labor problems
It is also important to free yourself - mentally and emotionally - from any negative prejudice towards sex

8) The frequency that the couple wants
There is no ideal frequency for having sex. The one that marks the age and desire of each couple. From one orgasm or more a day, up to two or three a year, may be enough if the person considers it so

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