Eat and Enjoy Christmas, but without Gaining Weight

Dec 23 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

Eat and Enjoy Christmas, but without Gaining Weight

Eat and Enjoy Christmas, but without Gaining Weight

Christmas is coming and with it a number of delicious dishes, invitations to share with friends and family and without leaving the occasional drink behind. To maintain your weight and control the excessive gain; Here are the keys to controlling that dreaded weight gain this coming Christmas:

1. Play sports normally.
Physical exercise helps burn some of the excess calories, in addition to controlling appetite and stress. If this is not possible, try to stay active, taking daily walks of at least 30 minutes.

2. Continue with your usual rhythm of meals
It is essential not to skip any meals. Continue taking 5 daily doses to keep your metabolism active. Avoiding breakfast at all favors weight loss, since it will increase the desire to eat between meals.

3. Innovate with healthy cooking !: Take care of the balance in meals.
Try to combine higher calorie or fatty foods with lighter sides or first courses, such as vegetables and fruits.

4. Attention to food rations and culinary techniques
Serve yourself rather small portions, especially in the second courses, preferably opting for baked and grilled, or vegetable-based sauces.

5. Watch your fiber intake.
Quinoa, spelled, oat flakes or whole grain products can be original ingredients for your dishes. Rye fiber contributes to the normal functioning of the intestine, in the case of wheat bran fiber, it helps speed up intestinal transit.

6. Fruit, the best ally for dessert.
Try to eat at least 2 or 3 pieces of fruit daily, either for breakfast, mid-morning / afternoon, or in desserts made from it.

7. Organize your shopping list.
Reserve the most caloric products for the most special moments such as Christmas Eve, Christmas or Kings. To do this, calculate in advance how many polvorones and marzipan to buy so as not to overdo it. So you can enjoy the parties, without excesses.

8. Moderate alcohol consumption.
As with Christmas sweets, save the alcohol for the most special moments.

9. Get hydrated!
Drink a lot of water. It is essential to maintain a correct state of hydration. In addition, its satiating power helps control hunger and snacking.

10. Enjoy the food! Eat quietly and in company, and don't feel guilty if you go over calories on holidays.

In short, allow yourself whims on the key days of Christmas, so that the rest of the days the pattern of meals is the usual. If you gain a couple of extra kilos, don't worry, we are here to help you, visit our section -Subsistence Allowance- and you will find the right product to maintain your ideal weight

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