Ear care in Summer

Jul 09 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Ear care in Summer

During the summer, children and adults enjoy various outdoor activities; among our favorites are visits to the pool or the beach. Direct and permanent contact with water can facilitate the development of inflammations or infections, causing some discomfort to our ears such as irritation of the ear canals, itching, a feeling of a blocked ear and even pain.

In some cases, suppuration or fluid leakage from the ear; it can temporarily impair hearing.

We must also bear in mind that the excessive use of swabs can generate accumulation of earwax, irritation and even injury to the delicate skin of the external auditory canal.

Here are some recommendations to take into account for the care of our ears and thus enjoy the summer flat:

• Tilt your head to the side if water gets into your ears.
• Use sunscreen on both ears.
• Avoid introducing foreign bodies or swabs into the external ear canal.
• Dry the ears after each bath, to avoid moisture in the external auditory canal.
• Use custom plugs to protect yourself from humidity (pool, sea or bath) in case you practice swimming permanently or present tympanic perforation.
• Take special care when bathing, going to swimming pools and beaches with uncontaminated waters.
• Try to dive slowly to avoid the sudden entry of water into the ear.
• Avoid diving deeper than one meter.

It is important to remember that before any symptoms of discomfort or pain, we go to a specialist to prescribe the appropriate treatment and put an end to any type of problems.

Taking care of our ears, we enjoy the summer more!

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