Do masks work to compensate for sun damage?

May 24 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Do masks work to compensate for sun damage?

If on your vacation you exposed your face to the sun's rays, it probably has a dry and reddened appearance or you have noticed the presence of small spots. The normal thing in these cases is that you desperately seek to hydrate your face again and the masks are one of the first options that crosses your mind. CAREFUL

Masks are certainly a great method of hydration and not only that, they cover many deficiencies and needs of our face, it is an important part of facial care routines, its use is ideal for experts and inexperienced, but focused on your health and being the face, the most crucial part of our body, it is important to treat it with a health professional before application and more on the subject of the sun

During the change of season the sun plays a very important role in our face; and the chemical processes that occur in our skin are diverse, but with similar results, many times what we could consider dehydrated skin can be a symptom of a worse disease and applying any product can be harmful to our body
Given the damage caused by the sun, we recommend

1- Care begins with prevention; Remember to use sunscreen and if you want an ideal tan, help yourself with medically tested products that guarantee the safety of your skin

2- You have to take care of yourself inside as well as outside; Eating and consuming food supplements and vitamins helps a lot to care for our skin, it allows it to carry out its processes more efficiently and to look healthier.

3- When in doubt visit your doctor; The opinion of a professional is always important before any treatment, if you notice dryness or the appearance

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