Diet after Christmas? Thanks, No Thanks

Jan 07 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Diet after Christmas? Thanks, No Thanks

Diet after Christmas? Thanks, No Thanks

After the excesses of the Christmas holidays, the routine forces us to return to our daily activities, but that is where we realize that the pants are a little tighter, the jacket no longer feels the same and we notice a little more cheeks on our face, and although it is completely normal, we are scandalized, we cannot believe that in such a short time our body has changed so much

In some cases we begin to feel a bit of guilt for those late meals, the extra drinks and we begin to remember the endless sweets that we ate without any qualms.

We want to regain our weight as fast as we have gained it, it even becomes a common New Years resolution. We want the magic diet to lose weight IMMEDIATELY, and this is where we must take a slight PAUSE to really reflect on what we want and above all, we really NEED

First of all, gaining and losing weight very quickly is not something natural or healthy, just as it is an excess to gain weight in a month to lose it the same and fast is not healthy, so speeding up the processes usually brings more harmful than positive effects

Second; projecting a new, healthier lifestyle with a healthier diet is not bad, but are we really aware of what our body needs or has excess? That is why before starting any new habits or eating routines we recommend you visit your trusted doctor, he will give you his professional opinion based on your analysis of what is really best for your health and your body.

Finally, there are scientifically proven products on the market that, added to a balanced diet, can help you better metabolize the foods you eat without radical changes to your diet, making it easier to achieve the aesthetically desired. Combining this type of treatment with the professional opinion of your doctor and an adequate diet reduces the dangers of a hasty treatment and they are psychologically less traumatic.

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