Chamomile: what are its health benefits and what is it for?

Sep 10 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Chamomile: what are its health benefits and what is it for?

Chamomile It has a very old use, especially as an infusion, for which it has become one of the most consumed silver thanks to its digestive and soothing characteristics.

What is chamomile?
Chamomile is a herbaceous plant that can achieve 60 centimeters of elevation. It was originally distributed in the area of ​​the Balkans, North Africa and West Asia, however, it is currently cultivated in many nations around the world such as Spain and Argentina.

We are talking about one of the oldest medicinal herbs of which there is understanding, and it is considered that the interest in it was born thanks to its strong aroma. That led to the discovery of the various characteristics that made it so popular.

Chamomile is currently one of the most consumed plants as an infusion. There are people who speak of "chamomile tea", however it is a somewhat erroneous expression. If we want to refer to the hot water preparation of this or any other plant that is not tea (black tea, green tea, etc.), it is necessary to talk about infusion.

What it is for and properties:
Chamomile tea is characterized by being antibacterial, antispasmodic, stimulating healing, anti-inflammatory and soothing, its main benefits are:

• Reduce hyperactivity
• Calming and relaxing
• Relieve the stress
• Helps in the anxiety procedure
• Helps in the procedure of problems in the stomach, to maintain control of poor digestion and ulcers in the stomach
• Helps relieve dizziness
• Relieves menstrual cramps
• Helps in the procedure of wounds and inflammations.
• In addition, it is amazing for the dermis, since it helps to attenuate and remove impurities from it, primarily in cases of allergies or dermatitis.

How to prepare a chamomile infusion?
Preparing a chamomile infusion is quite easy and can be done in two main ways. It can be through the flowers of the plant or through already prepared sachets.
If you want to opt for the preparation by means of the flowers, all you have to do is boil a glass of water and put about 2 teaspoons of chamomile flowers in it. Then cover it and let it rest for 10 min. Then use a strainer to remove the flowers and keep only the infusion liquid.

However, it could be interesting to add other plants with medicinal characteristics to our infusion. Mint or fennel are 2 herbs that are conventionally prepared with chamomile to enhance its benefits and also to obtain other complementary herbs.

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