Can you practice sports being asthmatic?

Aug 31 , 2020


Reinaldo Garcia

Can you practice sports being asthmatic?

Are you asthmatic and want to start practicing sports?

At this time, I'm sure that you have many doubts about what type of sport you can do, if it is recommended and what you should take into account.

It is important to bear in mind that the practice of sport (adapted to the physical conditions of each person) is always recommended since it improves cardiac vascular health and respiratory resistance.

Therefore, the practice of sport for people with controlled asthma is fully indicated.

But, to ensure the benefits of exercise and avoid scares, it is best to take into account a series of recommendations for people with asthma:

Consult your doctor, as he will be the one to recommend the most appropriate type of exercise for you and how to practice it.

Avoid extreme sports in very cold and dry environments (such as skiing or snowboarding).

From less to more, as for any person, it is advisable to carry out a period of adaptation to the chosen physical activity and gradually increase the intensity according to your abilities.

Always carry your inhaler with you and follow your treatment appropriately to keep asthma under control.

Avoid playing sports outdoors when there are pollen spikes or pollution. Watch your breathing, ensuring that you inhale through your nose.

Never reach exhaustion, stop at the right times and respect recovery periods. Warm up and stretch before and after exercise.

So do not hesitate, include the practice of physical exercise in your day to day, it will help you keep fit and feel good, and remember that at Parapharmacy Get It Now we are here to advise you.

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