Benefits of walking half an hour a day

Oct 06 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

Benefits of walking half an hour a day

Sedentary lifestyle is a habit that affects the appearance of chronic diseases, constitutes, after tobacco, the second risk factor for poor health. In Argentina, only half of the adult population performs physical activity on a regular basis.

Exercising is essential to stay healthy and active.
If you work all day and can't find the time to do it… Don't worry! Today there are exercise routines to do at home, so it is not mandatory to join a gym.

In addition, to stay in shape it is not necessary to do a specific sport, something as simple as walking also has incredible health benefits. In fact, it is one of the best therapies for the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
Walking is very beneficial for your health and 30 minutes a day is enough.

It is a routine that greatly improves blood flow and blood pressure. In addition, it helps maintain weight and agility, strengthen the heart, prevent osteoporosis, and tone the body. In short, walking is one of the most complete and effective activities.

But don't be careless, supplementing exercise with a good diet and healthy habits is also essential.
Benefits of physical activity
Depending on the duration and intensity of the exercise routines, physical activity produces muscular, circulatory, cellular and metabolic changes in the body.

At the cardiovascular level, at the beginning of exercise the heart begins to accelerate, improving the oxygenation of the body. In hypertensive people, certain exercise routines favor the reduction of blood pressure values, while preventing diseases such as diabetes and collaborating in treatments by improving the response to insulin. Also, aerobic routines improve cholesterol levels.

During training, the respiratory system is also strengthened, increasing the volume and lung capacity that, consequently, produces what is called "a ventilatory economy", that is, the person breathes more efficiently than if he were sedentary.

That is why it is important that you consult your doctor before starting a physical activity, which is appropriate for you and your needs.

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