At what age should you start using eye contour?

May 17 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

At what age should you start using eye contour?

Eye contour creams are an obsession and a mystery at the same time; Obsession because we want a rested and luminous look, without wrinkles or crow's feet. Mystery because there are many doubts about its correct use: how are they different from a normal moisturizer? What are they fighting and what are they not? And, what now concerns us, when should I start using them?

As with other cosmetics such as serum or with specific compounds such as retinol or hyaluronic acid, we attribute its use to a purpose that has to do merely with age: to eliminate the signs of aging. However, as with the aforementioned products and ingredients, it can (and should) be used before these signs begin to appear, not only to prevent, but to fulfill other functions.

the skin around the eyes is finer and more sensitive than that of the rest of the face, therefore, it is necessary to apply specific cosmetic products that help prevent and treat the signs of aging. In this sense, the eye contours are specially formulated to treat signs such as crow's feet, dark circles, sagging or simply improve the hydration and superficial appearance of this especially delicate area.

Are we late to prevent?

It is the same that usually happens to us with all antiaging products: we tend to think that they are only necessary once the signs of the passage of time have begun to appear. The age indicated to start using it is around 25 years old, although it will always depend on our needs and skin type, since dry or dehydrated skin will need to include it in the daily cosmetic routine even earlier to avoid this imbalance and the consequent appearance of the signs. of aging that occur in this delicate area. It is better to take care of it to prevent and delay the appearance of wrinkles, sagging, dark tone, etc.

But, although this is the ideal age to start using it, there is no 'wrong' age for it as long as we choose the correct product for our age and our skin type, for which the best thing is to always follow the advice of an expert.

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