6 keys to protect your hair in the sun

Jun 24 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

6 keys to protect your hair in the sun

Summer is undoubtedly the time of year when your hair suffers the most.
The action of UV rays, chlorine from swimming pools and sea salt punish the hair fiber and deteriorate it. But if you put our advice into practice, your hair will be protected and you won't have to resort to a drastic cut to clean it up after the holidays.

1- Dyed hair is the worst in summer, in case of dyeing it darken the color a tone or a half to compensate for the loss of color that you will inevitably have if you spend the summer in the sun

2- Trim the tips; If you have long hair, cut the ends that are damaged. Otherwise, they will be further damaged by the sun, and all the hair will look more damaged.

3- Protect it from UVA and UVB rays: Hair, like skin, also suffers when exposed to the sun because it lacks defense mechanisms. This is why it dries out, becomes brittle and the color becomes lighter. A hat is ideal, but an oil-based mask can also be the solution

4- Keep it clean and use the right shampoo for your hair type; In summer the hair is washed more frequently. Hence, you need a much milder shampoo.

5- Apply hydration continuously

6- Identify the climate and the effects on your hair; so you can avoid frizz and dryness

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