5 tips to choose a good shampoo

Jun 16 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

5 tips to choose a good shampoo

To take care of the health of your hair, it is important that you choose the right shampoo for your needs, and that it protects it from external aggressions such as pollution and styling.

A hair lives an average of five years, then it dies and falls to be replaced by another, and so on about 25 times. To have beautiful hair we recommend the following tips to choose the right shampoo for you.

1. If your hair is natural dark, use a hydrating shampoo; if it's clear, use a chamomile-based one.

2. If it is colored, use a special product for processed hair or with color enhancers to keep your tone longer.

3. If you bring highlights, there are special products; These are different from toners, since the former are aimed at repairing the discolored part and the latter at blonde hair, with gray and bleached hair, to give them shade and prevent them from turning yellow.

4. If you are losing hair for no apparent reason, it is vital to solve this problem, your hair will never look healthy if you do not control the loss, so buy specialized products to strengthen it.

5. To keep it healthy, you should wash it every third day. If you have an oily scalp, it is necessary to wash it daily to avoid the accumulation of fat.

Finally, it is essential that you let your hair dry naturally and avoid using the dryer, as the hot air dries it out and weakens it.

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