5 practical tips to take care of your throat in summer

May 13 , 2021


Reinaldo Garcia

5 practical tips to take care of your throat in summer

Even in summer pharyngitis can occur, changes in temperature, wind and humidity in coastal areas can cause sore throats and ruin some days of our long-awaited vacations. Today I give you 5 practical tips to take care of your throat in summer.

1) Abundant hydration: moisture is essential for proper throat health. Drink plenty of fluids, 2 liters a day, avoiding drinks with caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks (bubbles). Red wine, consumed in small quantities, is beneficial for the pharynx.

2) Avoid direct exposure to air conditioning, dry environments and temperature contrasts. In dry environments, the use of room humidifiers may be useful.

3) Avoid very cold or very hot foods, spicy foods, menthol candies and salt in meals. They all irritate your throat.

4) Take care of your voice. Do not yell, warm up your voice before heavy use, breathe calmly and listen to your voice. When your voice complains, listen to it. If you start to be hoarse, modify and reduce its use because if you continue forcing it you will cause significant problems.

5) Control other diseases: gastric reflux, obesity, diabetes, gout, liver failure and hypovitaminosis.

Remember! if your discomfort persists you should see an otolaryngologist.

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